Just for Teens (For aged 13-17)

Being a teenager is not always easy. From exam stress and peer pressure to friendships issues and social media, there is a barrage of challenges for teenagers to contend with. Our program helps prepare teenagers for adulthood by equipping them with the skills they need confidently navigate social, academic and professional situations.

Program Features

Grooming and Hygiene
 Appropriate Attire
 Deportment, Poise and Posture
Social, Communication & Leadership Skills
International Dining Skills
Handshaking and Social Greetings
Introductions Formal & Informal
Self-respect & Respect for Others
Conversation & Listening Skills
Social Media Etiquette
 The Etiquette of Public Places
 University Interview Preparation
 Curriculum Vitae Editing
 Host & Guest Duties
 Being a Gracious Guest – Giving and Receiving

We offer bespoke services and private one-to-one training in a variety of topics related to etiquette, protocol at a time to suit you. Please do get in touch with us to discuss your training needs and how we can help.

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